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Santa Cruz Electronics News for Thursday, May 28, 2015

Raspberry Pi 2/B+ Case - Clear
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Come Join Us at Maker Faire 2015!

We had so much fun at last year's Maker Faire, and are proud to anounce that Tormach and SCE will be returning for this year's event! We will be bringing along our PCNC770 complete with Automatic Tool Changer and Full Enclosure. Tormach will proudly be showing off their new PathPilot CNC machine control software. We will be cutting parts in public for your enjoyment! Come and meet the Tormach and SCE staff, ask us questions, share stories, and see some milling action in person.

Maker Faire

The PathPilot Has Landed!

Tormach's New Machine Controller is here! The PathPilot Control Software brings a lot to the table over Tormach's previous, Windows+Mach3 based controller. Alongside a whole new GUI, you may also look forward to a multitude of new features like onboard conversational programming, soft limit switches, an improved G-Code Interpreter, program overrides, and greater reliability. We at SCE have had a chance to play around with it for a while, and consider it a solid step forward in both functionality and simpicity. The PathPilot is compatible with Tormach's PCNC770, 1100, and Slant-PRO Lathe, and is backwards compatible with all of Tormach's previous Machine Controllers. PathPilot is only available to Tormach mill owners using Tormach's machine controllers. Verification of ownership required upon purchase. Check out this link for more information.

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Tormach demo showroom in Northern California

Looking for Tormach mills, lathes and tooling? We stock, display and demonstrate Tormach tools in Northern California, and we're open 7 days a week. We have a PCNC1100 (with ATC)and a PCNC770 on display, along with the new Tormach 15L Slant-Pro lathe. We stock many Tormach accessories, tooling and spare parts.

Not sure what components you need for your mill? We can help guide you in configuring a mill or lathe package just for you. We actually use our Tormachs in house (and love them!), and can answer your questions from personal experience. Call today to arrange a personal demo is sunny Santa Cruz at 831-479-5444. Ask for John or Paul.

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New Tool Height Setter from CNCNeeds

Here's another great item we've added recently. This is the CNCNeeds TLO-Pro II, an electronic tool height setter that is easy to use and plugs right in to the Tormach accessory port. I was pleased to be able to work with John Muse of CNCNeeds as he developed this tool, and I'm really happy with the outcome. John is a stickler for accuracy, and we tested three versions of this tool during development before it met the high standards needed.

The final result is a tool setter that has great accuracy and repeatability, and is very easy to use. It works with the Tormach automatic Z-probe routines as well as the ATC tray touchoff program. Of course, it works on machines other than Tormachs, and can adapt to any CNC mill or router with an accessory input that uses Mach 3 as the controller software. I'm adapting it to my own Techno-Isel CNC router (converted to Mach) too, just for fun!

The best part? It's about half the cost of other tool setters, and doesn't give up anything in quality. We use it here at the store, and we like it!

John Bower 10/03/2013

Catalog Keyword: TLO-PRO II

ER32 Collet Holder TTS Non ATC - Special purchase!

We have a limited number of TTS style collet holders available for a special price. These are the standard non-ATC type holders. They work in all TTS style spindles, but will not fit into the Tormach ATC tool carousel. This was a special purchase, and we have very limited quantities at these prices. Only $30 each, or $25 each for qty 5.

Catalog Keyword: ER32

50mm Face Mill set for TTS

9/24/2013 - These just arrived today! Here's another great new item that hasn't quite made it to the website yet- A 50mm(~2inch) Face Mill set for TTS spindles. This is great for wider, lighter cuts and surfacing. This uses four APMT1604 M2 inserts, and our kit includes TTS style arbor, face mill body, four inserts and screws, and a wrench for the inserts. $99 for the full kit.

I can't wait to try mine on the ebony I use for classical guitar fingerboards, it should leave a great finish. I'll report back as soon as I have a chance to test it. You'll need to call or email us about this item until we get all the info up on the site. - John Bower

Catalog Keyword: facemill

The Velleman K8200 3D Printer Kit is Here!

The K8200 PLA/ABS 3D Printer Kit has arrived! We are currently putting together our own demo unit, and will have it available to show, shortly. Come on down, and pick up yours today! We have all the colors of PLA material you could ask for as well! You can put the K8200 together yourself or have our staff do it for you!

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Tormach CNC Machine Showroom Dealer

We're very pleased to announce that Santa Cruz Electronics is now a stocking dealer for Tormach CNC machine tools. Tormach is the finest machine tool builder in this great new field of Desktop Fab, and we're proud to provide a place for you to see and demo these spectacular CNC machines.

We'll be stocking Tormach TTS tooling, mill upgrades and accessories, cutting tools, materials and supplies for CNC fabrication to help you get going on your Fab projects. We'll have our first demo PCNC1100 set up and operating at SCE by the end of this month, with a PCNC770 to follow quickly. We're bringing in tooling and accessories now, and will continue adding to our stock as you tell us more about what you'd like us to have on hand for your projects. So, speak up, and we'll try to stock it if you want it!

Please contact us to schedule a personal demo, and to discuss how a Tormach CNC mill can improve your fabrication process for prototyping, light production, or just to trick out your garage for fun!

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CAM software that is actually easy to use!

One of the biggest hurdles to the Desktop Fab new user is the complexity and difficulty of CAM software used to create your G-Code. If you're like me, you've cursed and struggled to make sense of the very optuse software that passes for 'user-friendly' in the CAD/CAM world. 'User-surly' is more like it...Those of us coming to this from the computer world can only shake our heads in wonder at the poor UI and lack of logical program flow, and absurdly expensive to boot...

I'd say it's time for something different..

Take a look at CamBam as an alternative. It is actually a snap to use, and has great features and functionality, and can be customized easily for your particular machining needs. I was able to import a DXF, assign MOPs, generate workable code for my Tormach without cracking a manual, and do it quickly enough to make a Christmas gift for my wife..all on Christmas Eve (yes, I was late!). I'm no machining wizard, just a user like you, but I was impressed with this package.

Oh, by the way, we now carry this software at SCE. And if you are machining on a Tormach mill, we wrote a Tormach-ATC specific post just for you. Just ask for it with your order, it's free.

John B

Catalog Keyword: CAMBAM

What we do with our Tormach CNC mill...

As a labor of love, I play classical guitar and enjoy building guitar parts on my Tormach for my luthier friends Kenny Hill and Matt Mustapick as a side business under the 'Santa Cruz Originals' name brand. The good folks at Tormach were kind enough to feature a 'Success Story' regarding this on their website. Thanks to Andy and Julie at Tormach.

Tormach Luthier Success Story link

You can hear Hill Guitars in our Santa Cruz Guitar Orchestra concerts that I play in. Several of our members play Hill Guitars, myself included. They are very, very fine instruments, and I'm proud of the small contributions I can make to Kenny's art. If you are interested, here's a link to SCGO website. In the photos I'm the Old Pharte with the beard.

Come hear our next SCGO concert on Friday, May 24th.

Hill Guitar Company

John Bower
Owner, Santa Cruz Electronics

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