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ER32 Collet Holder TTS style
Part Number: ER32-TTS


This is a 3/4inch ER32 collet holder modified to work with the Tormach automatic tool changer. The shaft has been chamfered to match the Tormach ATC chamfer, shortened to the correct length, and a Tormach ATC-compatible adaptor ring pressed on. They will work just fine it standard TTS non-ATC spindles too, of course.

Note: This larger collet holder allows special tools that won't fit in a ER20 or ER16 collet to be used in the Tormach ATC. Care must be taken when using these to work within the design limits of the TTS system. When using larger tools it is possible to exceed the limits of the TTS system, resulting in pullout. Lighter cuts are recommended, and ensure that your tool usage is consistent with TTS limits. Proceed carefully, and pay attention to your DOC, WOC, stickout, feed rates, etc.

Kit Contents Qty
TTS Tool Holder Collar 3/4in Press Fit 1
Price: $29.95

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