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BT30 Benchtop Tool Length Presetter
Part Number: BT30-PRESETTER


Measure your BT30 taper tools on your bench, quickly and reliably. This is the quickest, safest and most repeatable method for measuring BT30 tools. We use this method ourselves, and supply these presetters with all our MX mill sales. It is the same method we have all used for many years with TTS toolholder height measurement, but now adapted for BT30 toolholders.

Simply zero your height gauge on the top reference surface, insert your toolholder, measure tool height offset, and enter the results in your tool table. Quick and easy! No more re-zeroing your ETS or spring gauge every time you re-start your mill! Measure tools at your bench, place on your MX ToolRack shelf, or mount it on the mill for quick access.


  • Hard anodized for durability
  • Machined for BT30 7/24 taper and gage diameter.
  • Three point taper contact for stable toolholder support
  • Bottom surface tapped for 1/4-20 to allow mill or wall mounting

    Height gauge not included, please see our other listings for a reasonably priced good quality 8" digital height gauge.

    Note - BT30 toolholders index on shank taper diameter, not flange. TTS toolholders index on flange surface, not shank diameter.


Always measure all tool offsets by a consistent method. Do not mix measurement methods, whether by ETS, spring gauge, presetter or touchoff. Mixing methods will yield different measurements and inconsistent Z height results.

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