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BT30 Arbor and Indicator Touchoff Tool
Part Number: BT30 TOUCHOFF


BT30 touchoff tool with dial indicator.

This tool pairs well with our BT30 Presetter to make a quick, easy and inexpensive setup for tool management and work touchoffs. Includes BT30 arbor, gauge mount, Imperial scale dial gauge and BT30 pull stud.

Measure tool length as you would any other tool with our presetter, compressing the dial one revolution to '0' with your height gauge thumbwheel. That measured height becomes your Z reference tool. We generally set and record it as tool '1' in the tool table for convenience, but you may use any tool number that you prefer.

Work flow:
Insert tool in spindle, set Tool DRO to '1' (or whatever tool number you have assigned it).
Jog to work surface with your MPG or Jog Shuttle to one revolution '0', set Z Zero, press G30 to retract.

This makes for very quick and easy setups, with no worries about damaging a $500 probe or Haimer tool if things go wrong. The gauge is $15 to replace if you bonk one.

Using this for Z setups, plus the laser pointer for X/Y makes for lightning fast setups. We use this method constantly, and teach it to all our customers.

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