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MadeWithCNC Hand Held Console
Part Number: MPG-CONSOLE1


We're pleased to add this excellent MPG console manufactured by MadeWithCNC to our offerings.

If you have envied the added controls of Tormach's Operator's Console on their newer machines, here is a way to add similar functionality for older Series I/II/III machines running PathPilot, and to newer M/MX machines without the Operator's Console installed. Works with PathPilot control equipped mills, lathes, routers and plasma tables.

CNC Control Pendant that functions as a hand held console for Tormach Path Pilot CNC machines. It is 100% plug and play, requiring no modifications to the Path Pilot controller software. It connects to Path Pilot via a USB cable.

This console requires PathPilot v2.5.1 or later
This console cannot be used with machines equipped with Operator's Console.
This console does not work with machines using Mach3 controls.

NOTE - This item is out of stock until Feb 1st, 2022. Please read 'STAFF NOTES' below.

STAFF NOTES - This item is currently sold out, and we are expecting restock Feb 1st, 2022. You may place an order now, and your credit card will NOT be charged until your order is ready to ship. Placing your order now will ensure you have the earliest available units when restock arrives.

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